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Who is Treating Me (and My Child)?

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

I see online a lot of people looking for "the best" doctor. The one that can give them the answer they have been seeking in regards to why their health is suffering. After we have been through so much already, we just want to start our healing journey with an experienced and competent medical professional so that we can move past mold illness as soon as possible.

Maybe you have been gaslighted by doctor after doctor, or maybe you can't afford the most recommended doctors in the mold groups online, or maybe the doctor you have been seeing isn't doing enough for you anymore or you've grown out of their care. Perhaps you haven't found a solid pediatric mold doctor for your child, or you did find a doctor you resonate with but you cannot travel to see them as their practice only takes in office visits.

All of these are valid reasons for looking for a new doctor, and are some of the hang ups we experience when trying to find one.

I get asked a lot who the doctor is that I am seeing, and I am very comfortable recommending her to people because in my opinion she is amazing at what she does. I found her after doing a lot of research on "the gut" and "the immune system". This was before I knew anything about myself having mold issues, I just knew I had terrifically bad gut problems.

I researched anything I could find about her before calling her office, as I was incredibly wary of starting a new adventure with yet another doctor. I wanted to ensure that this next doctor would be more open-minded than all of the traditional western/ allopathic medical professionals I had seen before, and had a seasoned history of practice behind them.

I ended up finding Dr. Kalpana Patel, and in a case of absolute fate, she also happened to have an office in the city I lived in so no crazy traveling in the search for answers. She operates at EHC, Environmental Health Center–Buffalo ( ).

Her health grades on all manner of review websites are consistently 4 and 5 stars, with most people leaving comments about her being the only person who could figure out their issues and thanking her endlessly for saving their lives. The major complaints people tend to lodge are that her frank and commanding nature and communication style are off-putting and that treatment is expensive.

After working with Dr. Patel for almost two years now and seeing the results I have from her recommended treatments that have literally saved my life as well, I would have to say I am in the former camp of commenters. I think that the tone and nature of her communication style comes from being an extremely busy doctor who is running a very busy business and is working her ass off to help save as many people as she can each day before their health deteriorates further. I imagine that would be an extremely stressful job, especially since she ends up with the most complex cases that fall through the cracks for years before they reach her office. A few more thoughts from me: she doesn't do small talk unless you catch her on a very "slow" day which is rare, and she assumes you come to the appointments prepared with clear and factual information to guide her understanding of your symptoms, your environment, and how treatment is working (or not) so that she can adjust as needed.

For the patients that are pissed about expense, I agree with you that it sucks so much to spend so much, but those are issues we need to take up with the clowns that control our "healthcare system" in the US, because it is a fucking dumpster fire, not take it out on doctors that actually help us recover.

(Side note- I feel personally that you need to do some of your own work outside of seeing any doctor to educate yourself and bring pertinent questions and suggestions to each appointment. Educate yourself, and advocate for yourself. Start with the recommended books I have listed in )

Dr. Patel's bio is published on her page but I thought I'd share some of it here:

"The majority of EHCBUFFALO patients require simultaneous treatment for multiple medical disorders including Mold Poisoning, Mold Sensitivity, Mold Allergy, Industrial Chemical Exposure-related Sensitivity and Toxicity, Food Sensitivities and Mold or Mycotoxin Related Gut Toxicity, Chronic Lyme Disease and Lyme Disease-Associated Autoimmune Diseases, Brain Toxicity Issues, Bartonella, Babesia, Chronic Mycoplasma Infection, Protozoa Infections, and Intestinal Parasites and many more conditions including but not limited to Neurodegenerative Disorders. Her practice involves treatment of any diseases that involve neuro- immune, autoimmune, and endocrine disorders.

...Dr. Patel uses experience acquired from working 50 years in chronic diseases and infection-related autoimmune diseases...She is board-certified in specialties: Environmental Medicine, Chelation Therapy, Regenerative Medicine, and Pediatrics. She has expertise in the treatment of brain and neurological disorders through the practices of Regenerative Medicine and Environmental Medicine. She also provides state-of-the-art complementary cancer care to those who have been told that nothing more can be done or when one does not want to have conventional chemo and radiation treatment.

...Dr. Patel has been recognized throughout the world as a leader in Environmental Medicine which comprises Integrative, Functional, and Nutritional medicine.

She is a co-author of a five-volume book series entitled: "Reversibility of Chronic Degenerative Disease and Hypersensitivity." (A book series I would honestly like to purchase and read someday.)

She is also guest on various podcasts to share her knowledge and empower people to make changes in their lives and take charge of their health. I know there are a few but could only find one easily in a few minutes whilst I write today's post. I'll circle back later when I have time to drop more.

I'm hoping that this information is helpful to the many people that ask for and trade doctor knowledge. I don't know how I got so lucky, but it's been an absolute blessing to have found Dr. Patel for our family.

I will add that she has been a wonderful partner to have in our corner as we work through PANS and various mold issues with our 6 year old. Our regular pediatrician was writing us off for a long while- even when presented with solid factual info about mold and tests that showed our house was a huge problem,- while Dr. Patel immediately accepted and validated our concerns and jumped into treatment right away for our child. Our pediatrician has since apologized and deferred most medical needs for our child (outside of acute issues) to Dr. Patel.

(More on this in a previously released blog of mine,)

Please find a doctor that listens to you, respects your wants and needs, and is looking out for your best interests. Don't settle because you feel like you have to. We pay doctors to "work" for us; use your voice and advocate for your health.

(Dr. Kalpana Patel)

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17 gru 2021

I agree Dr Patel is a jewel. In Monroe County, NY, she is the only doctor the Health Dept recommends to potential victims of mold exposure. I’m glad you found her and are recommending her!

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