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"Self-Care for Kids" a Children's Book of Healthy Healing Habits

Updated: May 18, 2022

Going through our mold journey and recovery together has been a huge family change in so many ways. I have gathered so much knowledge and have had so many experiences that I feel strongly that I need to find a way to communicate and pass down to our children to help them recover healthily and with less trauma- and also to give them positive tools to learn how to help themselves in life.

Self-Care has been a huge part of recovery because (as I have posted about before) we need to be in a relaxed and positive state in our to recover best, Your body is not able to heal if it is not in this state. Teaching our children about self-care and helping them to develop self-care habits has a a been part of their journey as they are too young for some of the more intense or harsher therapies and treatments. With children, we need to go slow and low when treating and recovering because they are incredibly sensitive and can react in so many negative ways.

We use self-care practices for healing in our home, to get into that parasympathetic state and to take care of our bodies so that they may heal best.

"Self-Care for Kids" highlights the ideas we use in our home to help with healthy habits that promote recovery.

The information is presented in child-friendly language with pictures to illustrate each topic.

Topics in this book are:

-What is self-care?

-Why is it important to learn?

-Positive self-Talk

-Setting boundaries

-Using music to free your mind

-Using art to free your mind

-Putting yourself first

-Spending time with people you enjoy

-Living a joyful life

-Taking care of your body

-Getting active

-Paying attention to nutrition

Included Extras are:

-an Affirmation List for Beginners

-a mini self-care choice chart in the book for children to use daily

Book is best for ages 6-12. Available at:

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