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Q&A about Mold and Recovery- PART ONE

I opened up on Facebook and on my private Instagram account to see what people really wanted to know about. I don't mind posting blogs on topics I feel like exploring individually, but I want to make sure I am servicing the people in the thick of mold, or those who want to be educated about it from an outsider's perspective.

These were 3 real questions asked by real people. My answers are based on my experiences and also on information I have gathered in around 5000 hours of research I have done along my journey so far..

Question 1) How can you support your mitochondria?



-Infrared sauna

-far and near Infrared light panel

-keep blood sugar balanced

-drainage and removal of toxins

-reduce stress


-fasting for autophagy

-Body Bio PC

-getting quality sleep for enough hours each night

-eat food that feeds bacteria that help mitochondria.


-take supportive supplements like L-Carnitine

-sometimes do cold therapy

Question 2) How can you move into a new place without contaminating it?


-Having the home looked over by an IEP before purchase, or running an ERMI/HERTSI before purchase.

-Getting out of mold for a while before looking for your next place to live whether a rental or a place you want to buy can be very helpful in allowing yourself time to unmask so you can sense hidden mold in the new place when you go to look at it.

If health prevents you from tent camping this can be accomplished by a stay in a clean hotel/AirBnB, or relative's home.

Once you are out of your current house the level of sensitivity your mold illness has left you with will become more apparent.

When you leave you will likely go through “intensification” where you will get super sensitive and react to places that later in your healing journey will seem fine to you. This is difficult to go through but it is a part of healing. Try to think of your newfound reactivity as a secret strength you have- you will get to know instantly if a store or other building or a delivery arriving is safe for us or moldy. We will then be able to choose to avoid it.

You may experience weeks or months of heightened sensitivity, MCAS issues, EMF issues, etc. and you want to try and calm those down before you move into your new "permanent" clean space- so you don't automatically think you are reacting to the new "permanent space".

-You'll also want to go through everything you own and clean it or toss it.

-Small particle cleaning the new home, HEPA vacuuming, cleaning with safe natural cleaners is a good idea to prepare your new "permanent place".

There are cleaning protocols listed in a bunch of places online. I would recommend avoiding bleach at all costs and leaning on natural cleaners and products.

-Ozoning the new space is also a good idea, be sure no living thing is in the home while it is being ozoned, and give the place ample time to air after ozoneing, before entering.

-Other things to consider when choosing your new living space found in this excellent list by:

Question 3) How do I convince my partner we have a mold problem and that I (or we) am (are) affected by it?


-First of all, I want to say that it is so unfortunate that this issue is coming up. I totally understand why it is, and unfortunately it often ends up being a lot of upfront work for you. When we started this journey, I was thrilled to have an answer as to why I was so ill and what may have caused it, because then I could start to figure out what to do to fix it.

My husband didn't have a clue and was terribly skeptical ( I could tell but he didn't ever voice it to me.)

-I started doing my research, and I would say gaining education is your first move.

The more I knew about mold and mold illness, the more I could explain to my partner in laymen's terms. I gave him the shortened version of why mold would make me in particular so sick - (genetics etc) and then explained how and why I could recover if we treated mold illness.

-I moved on from that to being able to physically show him the evidence. This was way easier because he was the one that went looking for the mold with me in our home, and once you see that- you can't really unsee it. (I do not advise anyone go looking for the mold or trying to removed it themselves, we were less knowledgeable at the time and just looking out of desperation because we were assured by our air tester that it wasn't that big of a deal, and then pushed by my Dr. that there had to be a significant problem for me to be so bad off. Ding ding she was right. You want to have a qualified professional come test or look for mold in the right way, don't try it yourself.)

-Seeing the mold coupled with the urine and blood lab work I got confirmed I was very affected by the mold in our home. I was also able to show my husband or ERMI/HERTSI test results. He is very literally minded so seeing tests laid out next to one another and seeing the matching molds across them all was pretty much a slam dunk. So I would say for sure get testing done, don't guess. Being able to proof will help your cause a long way.

Here are more tips:

-If you are having relationship issues whilst dealing with mold and mold illness- you aren't alone. Try you best to communicate clearly with your partner and to support one another through what you need. Be clear about your needs, and ask theirs. Find a therapist to work with if you need to. Remember that a lot of your issues during this time are because of the mold situation, and not necessarily from other things- although they could be. If you truly love your partner, and they truly love you, you will make it through together.

More on this topic at :

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