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Where Do I Look For Water Leaks?

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

(Image credited to myself, created on Canva Pro)

If you have mold in your home, there is a reason it got there.

I would recommend hiring an IEP to investigate.

What is an IEP?
"An Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) is an ‘umbrella’ term used in our industry to describe a professional in the field of indoor environmental assessment and is not a certification in and of itself. IEPs may have a very wide or very narrow scope of training and experience. Their role typically includes taking a detailed history and overview of the home or structure, noting past or present areas of moisture/floods/leaks/fires or other events the home has experienced, and the occupants’ health concerns. IEPs should then be able to formulate an assessment and testing strategy that will address the client’s concerns and evaluate the home/workplace as a whole. The level of assessment and certainly type and quantity of sampling can vary significantly from one client/building to another. A good IEP will take the time to explain their approach, including the collection (and potential value) of any samples.

An IEP should be independent of remediation contractors and have no financial incentive or conflict of interest in remediation or other contracting services. If, for some reason, the IEP is not independent (e.g. they work for the same remediation contractor), this should be clearly disclosed up front to minimize any conflicts."

(The website in itself is a wonderful resource for all things mold related.)

If for some reason you can not do that, I would recommend taking a look to see if you can find the source of a water leak yourself. You need to find it and fix it to stop water from creating the moist environment the mold needs to thrive. Stopping the water source is the first step to stopping mold growth.

I created the simple poster above to use as a resource to reference for assessing areas of your home for water leaks.

Other useful tools that may help you, if are investigating for water leaks and moisture in your home are:

Moisture Meters

Humidity Readers

Thermal Imaging Cameras

And your general innate senses

(...however I recommend using a professional IEP if you can afford it.)

Find the leak. Stop the moisture. Stop the Mold.

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