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Stuff That Works- A Medical Community Contribution Website has a Mold Illness/Toxicity Section

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Stuff That Works is a website that is a medical information contribution website powered by the people with medical conditions sharing their journeys and experiences.

Here is generally how the site works:

"Everyone shares

their treatment experiences by answering questions in an organized way Data is analyzed smart-machine learning algorithms seek out which treatments work best The focus is you as numbers of contributors grow effectiveness insights get personalized to you Everyone pitches in from growing the community, and also running the research"

We as patients have to do so much of our own advocacy work and searching for our own answers about diagnosing, treating, medications, supplements, dietary restrictions, mold avoidance, remediation, being taken seriously, finding funding, etc etc that it is nice to have a community-organized website that allows us the chance to talk to one another and share our collective knowledge and experiences.

This helps take us out of fear and victim mode- waiting for someone to save us and empowers us to become our own advocates and heroes. And ultimately, when we are dealing with medical conditions that are still be "debated" as "real" or "not" we have to dig deep and show up for ourselves. We need to do our own research, use our Mold community to educate ourselves about our conditions and our options, and then push to demand healthcare that we need.

If you want to read some basic overviews and insights about Mold Toxicity/Mold Illness, click here. (You gain more access to information if you become a contributing provider though.)

In order to join the website and share your experiences with symptoms, diagnoses, treatment, and efficacy of treatments please log on to:

Every person's contributions helps develop that data that we know about Mold Illness and/or Biotoxin Illness. Take 20 minutes and help develop the data. The more contributors there are on the website, the more the analytics can run through and provider better recommendations for us all.

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Feb 12, 2022

Thanks for sharing this! I feel like all I do is mold research, but I hadn't come across this site. I signed up!

Britany Libutty
Britany Libutty
Feb 17, 2022
Replying to

I love it! If we all share our stories and our experiences, we help each other!

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