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Self Care Poster

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

I created a poster for people to use when they are trying to get into creating healthier habits during recovery.

It doesn't always seem easy to find 30 minutes for yourself a day, but we absolutely have to in order to help ourselves get in a better physical, emotional, and mental place to promote healing.

I have the original manuscript file since I created this poster, if you would like it for free-

email me via this website's contact page and I will send the file to you so you can print it out at home, or print it out somewhere cheap online.

I'm trying to figure out how to print this up for myself and haven't solved that dilemma yet, but am working on it.

I want anyone to be able to hang this up and use it daily so they can create healthy habits and get toward recovering sooner.

I hope it is useful for you.

(Poster design/Image credit to myself, created on Canva)

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21 janv. 2022

Please tell me how to heal mold toxicicty and leaky gut and broken blood brain barrier and marcons and metals and mold toxicity and mast cell activation and hoshimotos and mast cell activation

Britany Libutty
Britany Libutty
21 janv. 2022
En réponse à

That is quite a list, and seems like it must leave you feeling overwhelmed to deal with all of that.

Step One: Find an environment that you can heal in, you can not heal in the same environment that you got sick in. Sometimes this means moving, sometimes it means thorough remediation from a very knowledgeable and highly reputable professional company, sometimes it means renting a new place, sometimes it means staying in the mold because you have no choice/opportunity to leave- so you must create a room/rooms that are as sanitary and as bare as you can make them with a high quality air purifier machine and other environmental supports.

Wherever you end up, declutter and get rid of…

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