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Movies/Documentaries/Clips about Mold Illness

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

I am starting a list of movies, clips, or documentaries that share personal experiences or education about Mold Illness and Co-conditions.

This list will be added to whenever I get the opportunity to watch something new and share it.

Please use this list to share with your friends and families if they are needing help understanding what you are going through. Sometimes reading books about Mold Illness and co-conditions just won't cut it, and people need to see and hear humans' experiences, or learn from medical professionals.


"Moldy Movie" by David Asprey

(Personal Experiences and some education about Mold)

(Image credit to David Asprey)

"CIRS 4 Part Series" with Dr. Andrew Heyman, MD

(Overview Of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome symptoms, treatments, etc.

There are 4 videos, this is the first of the series, you can click on the links for the other 3 videos on the youtube page from this link.)

(Image credit to Dr. Andrew Heyman MD and WholisticMatters)

"Black Mold Exposure" by Michael Roland Williams

(Rent or purchase the movie on Vimeo—Its only $2.99 to rent.

Personal Experiences and education about Mold.)

(Image credit to Michael Williams)

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