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Mighty Mitochondria

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Loving on your mitochondria will be an important part of your detox and recovering journey.

You need to support these energy producing parts of your cells if you are to expect to your cells to have enough energy and power to support your body in detoxing and removing all of the toxins you have accumulated, and also to fight off viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic invaders in your body.

Mitochondria get tremendously pummeled by mycotoxins, and we need to get them healing as quickly as we can to help along our total healing capabilities.

Here are some simple but extremely helpful screen grabs that will help you understand a bit more about the mitochondria.

(I will be adding more of my own content later on, but wanted to throw this up quickly in the meantime.)

Via @naturopathmelissa on Instagram:

(Last slide credit to @naturopathmelissa and also @twopurplecarrots on Instagram, both have posted this.)

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