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Is there a Protocol to Follow?

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

If I had $10 for every time someone asked me why I wasn't totally "better" yet, (after a year and a half of treatment,)... I'd actually be able to afford the costs of all the treatment protocols I have to follow.

Recovery from mold and co. isn't linear, nor is it easy. There is not a "one size fits all" protocol, like people in the western hemisphere have to come to expect with most common-knowledge ailments. You don't take a pill, or a course of pills, and magically get well.

Because mold wreaks such systemic havoc on the body and all of its functions- (mold literally has the potential to affect ALL of them)- mold is a complex beast to recover from.

Mold also opens the door to other bacteria, viruses, parasites that capitalize on a weakened immune system and body in distress, and they begin their own domino effect of issues. Each of these issues come with it's own set of challenges to figure out.

Other considerations for creating a solid Protocol include: the environment you are in, your genetics, your ability to detox, your current tolerations as far as medication/supplements/therapies, your finances/the cost of treatment, your access to a mold literate doctor that you feel is the right fit for you, testing/lab results, and time.

The simple answer is that there is no silver bullet.

There isn't one or two, or three things you are going to do that are going to get you well. Protocols and treatments are mini-marathons, if you try to make it a sprint you're going to fall after you leave the starting block and you may get an injury too.

I was starting to put together some information on Protocols, but one of my favorite up and coming accounts to follow @MoldyBoy on Instagram has knocked the concept of discussing protocols out of the park, so I choose to bow out of this one and send you to his work.

Without further ado, please head over to and click on "The Protocol" for some ideas about what to expect on your healing journey.

He created a 5 part informational series on Protocols.

These are not the all-inclusive answers but they are all valid and very thoroughly put together.

Your treatment will be bio-individual and also depend on what co-conditions your body is facing, but the general outlines he posts are great. Please discuss whatever you read with your doctor.

If you need some excellent moldy laughs, head over to his Instagram page @MoldyBoy

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15 feb 2022

Looks like his website is down. I really wanted to read about his protocol. I did find his Instagram account!

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Britany Libutty
Britany Libutty
17 mar 2022
Contestando a

Aw nuts, thanks for letting me know!

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