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How Do I Know if my Detox Pathways are Open?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Before you begin any type of detox journey, or anti-fungal/anti-bacterial/anti-parasitic "killing" protocols, you NEED TO MAKE SURE YOUR DETOX PATHWAYS ARE OPEN!

Sorry for yelling, it is just that important, and a step that is often overlooked or missed by unknowledgeable patients and inexperienced practitioners.

"What are detox pathways?"

Simply put, these are the means by which our bodies rid us of things that do not belong in us. They can be environmental toxins, chemicals, parasites, infections, etc. The amount of toxins we are exposed to is at an all time high and therefore we need to make sure we take care of our bodies and have them primed to detox as readily as we can.

If your detox pathways are closed and you begin to kill off or detox in your body, you risk recirculating the toxins throughout your body and brain.

And it hurts, a lot.

And causes unneeded inflammation and stress which exacerbate your symptoms.

And it can cause your mast cell issues to flare up, causing your whole detox protocol to come to a crashing halt as you have to stop everything and calm your mast cells down before starting back over.

(I may have done this at least 10 times before I learned my lesson, please don't do what I did. Save yourself the time and pain.)

A solid article about your detox pathways can be found here on Microbe Formulas' Website

You need to start opening your drainage pathways at the bottom of this inverted triangle with the colon and work level by level up to the cell.

"Sounds good, but I don't have money to buy a bunch of supplement stuff."

Good news for you, if you can't afford anything else right now because of the crazy costs you have already accrued from remediation and recovery, there are some free hacks to try:

Support Pooping:

1) Eat more fiber to bulk up your stool and make pooping easier- we're talkin' Psyllium Husk, baby!

2) Drink more water.

3) Exercise- walking, doing yoga

4) Magnesium or vitamin C can be used to help move BMs along. Start with a low dose and titrate up until you have a BM. (This is considered buying something, but if you are desperate to see your kid take a poop without having to give them toxic Miralax... you will find a way to buy the magnesium.)

Support Sweating:

1) Exercise- moderate speed walking, light weight lifting, dancing

2) Epsom salt baths- Drink ginger tea before getting in to supercharge your sweat. Water as warm as you can tolerate it safely. 2 cups Epsom salt. (Optionally add 1/2 cup baking powder). Don't stay in longer than half an hour. Rinse well before getting out.

3) The sun- Get outside in the sun as much as you can. It will make you sweat if you are out in it and moving, and BONUS you will be supercharging your mitochondria.

4)Sauna bag- (Crap something to buy, but it is an investment you may be willing to make if you don't have much sun this time of year, or if you feel epsom salt baths don't do enough for you.)

I have a Higher Dose bag that I use a lot. I did saunas at my doctors and they were amazing, but I looked at the cost and figured I needed one at home to save money. I couldn't buy anything very expensive but needed to make some investment because I feel SO GOOD when I sweat, so I settled on the best sauna bag I researched about. I couldn't sweat the first 6 weeks using it on the highest setting, so that should tell you about how closed that detox pathway was for me. Now I pour sweat, POUR!, whenever I use it. Listen to your body, and start slow (time) and low (temperature) and build up your tolerance, especially if you have MCAS . If you feel uncomfortable, stop, and next time start slower and lower. Always rinse off right after, and wipe down your bag after use.

Free Standing or Steam Sauna is another thing people use with success- I have a small amount of experience with these and love them, but they cost big $$$.

Support your Lymph:

1)Rebounding. Find a trampoline or a jump rope and get hopping. (When I first started I used an invisible jump rope, otherwise known as jumping in place.) Start out slow with 30 seconds and build your way up daily as tolerated.

2) Massage. Use your hands, a dry brush, or a gua sha to help gently move your lymph around your body if you are stagnant. There are a ton of great free videos to watch and education on lymph on Instagram at

Supporting your Liver:

1) Speak to your practitioner about herbs. There are a lot of herbs that support the liver that you may already have in your home.

2) Use food as medicine. Turmeric, beetroot, walnuts, olive oil, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower are all helpful to the liver. they increase the liver's natural detox enzymes, protect it from harm, and can help improve your liver blood enzyme levels.

Speaking of food as medicine...

If you are looking to dive deeper and aren't afraid of hammering through medical jargon, here is a great study that illustrates just how food can be medicine- in the way of supporting your detox pathway processes. (Specific foods and liquids are shown in charts if you don't have the brain capacity to read all of the medical stuff:)

Your lifestyle and diet, your ability to detox and better regulate your body's operations can flip genetic SNPS on or off and alter how your genes are expressed. This is called epigenetics.

The changes you make NOW have the capacity to affect yourself plus the NEXT 3 GENERATIONS due to the transgenerational inheritance of epigenetic changes.

Don't wait. Open up those detox pathways, support your body in getting rid of what doesn't belong in you, and choose to eat consciously.

You can change your life and future lives in your lineage. What a gift to give your children.

Back to the budgeting. Here are some other common potentially expensive detox items you may want to use, but if you are short of $ try these alternatives:

(credit to Tim Biohacker on Instagram)

Here are two more excellent screen grabs from Instagram that should help you determine if your detox pathways are indeed open or if they need work, and how you can help them- (credit to @naturopathmelissa on Instagram for these):

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