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Essential Reading for Mold Illness (and Biotoxin Illness)

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

When I first heard my doctor utter the words, "mycotoxins", I could only mutter "huh?"

At that point, my brain function was so cognitively affected that processing simple sentences from others was difficult for me and I often misunderstood the meaning of the words people told me. I would often say, "huh" or "what" or "I didn't hear you" in order to either buy myself some processing time to try and decipher the message they were trying to share.... or simply because I literally had no idea what the strings of words they just said meant.

When my doctor followed with what was probably a short and simple beginner's explanation of mold and mycotoxins- I couldn't follow it. I wrote a few words here and there in my 7th journal I was keeping, (full of daily symptoms and medicines, and dr. appointments), so that I could hobble home, toss myself back into bed and continue my research.

Being a teacher (prior to becoming affected profoundly by mold and mycotoxins,)

I always hungered for education and found that understanding often takes the fear out of anything.

When all of this really hit a head for me, prior to meeting the dr. that would finally diagnose me- I knew somewhere deep inside of me that I was dealing with something absolutely profoundly life-altering and that either: 1) I would bust my ass to overcome it, or ... 2) I'd rather not think of the other outcome.

Thus research mode Britany emerged.

These are the books that laid the foundation of my understanding of: mold/biotoxin illness, other issues I was noticing within myself. why do these illnesses happen, treatment ideas, environmental improvement ideas, dietary aid for repair and recovery, information to bring to your doctor so that you can have better informed discussions and understand why you are doing what you are doing during treatment, information about co-infections and co-conditions that can arise, and HOPE.

You can find your optimal health, there is hope.



Toxic by Neil Nathan MD


Break the Mold by Jill Crista


The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body


The Candida Cure- Yeast, Fungus, and Your Health by Ann Boroch


Never Bet Against Occam by Lawrence B. Afrin MD


Mast Cells United: A Holistic Approach to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome


The 4-Phase Histamine Reset Plan: Getting to the Root of Migraines, Eczema, Vertigo, Allergies and More


Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy


Autistic or Toxic- How I unlocked the Mystery of My Son's "Autism"

(This book was helpful for me in the way that it opened my eyes to possibility that autism traits can emerge from toxic environments/exposures and one's inability to detox correctly or efficiently internally. I don't love the story telling in this work, but it was enough for me to get on board and gave me more to question and think about, which I feel makes a good book.)

Book 10:

Saving Sammy

( A good read for the parent of a PANS/PANDAS child)


I hope you get to start with TOXIC. It will absolutely open your eyes to a whole new world you won't be able to un-see, and your health or a loved one's will benefit from it.

Dog ear favorite pages, and have a highlighter with you and use it for the most important ideas. You WILL go back to these books again and again as you move through your health recovery journey; refreshing your understanding as your cognitive function reemerges only helps you understand how your treatment "work" better and what you should be expecting out of them.

Don't forget to talk to your doctor about what you are reading, and use these materials as catapults for asking for next steps, or what else you can do to help yourself recover.


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