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Q & A About Mold Recovery- PART TWO

I opened up today and received a LOT of questions from friends. I chose three questions at random to share, as well as my answers. Some of these topics I will write about at a later date, but here is our 2nd Q & A for now.


Q: We are on this journey right now as well, but we are about to move out of the moldy house. Will our symptoms get worse when we finally move until we can get a functional doctor to help with the detox? Any advice for after we leave the moldy house is most welcomed. Thank you.

A: It unfortunately kind of depends on a lot of factors if your symptoms will get worse or not... short answer here only because I want to answer you and have a crunch in free time today- is that if you truly end up in a clean space and have only "clean" items with you, you should be in a good space for your body to naturally start detoxing by itself. There comes an issue though if you are colonized by mold, have co-infections, have sluggish or closed detox pathways, and aren't doing your due diligence with getting clean air, healthy food, and staying hydrated well with clean water to flush toxins. In my case I had all those barriers in my way, so I really needed to start at square one which is always: Making Sure Your Detox Pathways are Open. Nothing else can move or happen if they aren't functioning optimally. You will also want to make sure that you have these detox pathways open and moving before you start "treating" anything because any treatments you do will need active exits available from the body. A doctor that you choose to begin seeing for help may also not explain the importance of this, they may just start you on medications or supplements right away with a good intention to get you well sooner, but it could cause much bigger issues if your pathways are closed- the toxins would recirculate around your body instead. Go slow and low with any changes you make with your body once you are in a clean environment, as your body is already overwhelmed, and will naturally want to begin to heal itself. Doing too much at once is no bueno. I hope this helps you out! Here's a post on detox pathways to help you get started.:


Q: Hi there! I’m finding your site to be incredibly helpful as we start our journey of healing and detoxing. I was reading about your 23andme results helping identify how well you detox. Can you please tell me what I’m looking for on those results or how to interpret that? I sure appreciate your help. Thanks so much for all of the info! Have a truly blessed day!

A: Regarding your 23 and me question, you can look for several SNPs that will help you understand your detoxing journey from mold: start reading here,

If you aren't sure what to do with the information you get from a 23 and me yourself, or you don't want to look at the results to possibly spook yourself, you can also ask your practitioner to interpret your data, or they can upload your raw data and interpret it online as well at sites listed in this article-

You may be looking for HLA-DR info, MTHFR info, histamine related SNPs, inflammation related SNPS, and others that will overall affect your mold recovery journey.

Hope this helps! I'll write about that soon also .Thank you for reaching out.


I'm back in Mountain home Idaho high desert and I'm worse. (Person has been trying to do mold avoidance by looking for a “safe low- mold, low-emf, low-toxin" area around the U.S. They have chosen to travel to a few places in a short amount of time, hoping to find a place they feel safe and better in.)

Hi! What happening inside of your body makes you think you are worse off than where were you before?

Mold bad are air Force Base bad air emfs and mast cell activation and Hashimoto's and cirs and yeast and metal and mthfr gene

I would try to relax and stay in one place for a couple weeks and find ways to quiet your mind. Once your mind is less panicked, you'll be able to focus on how you symptomatically feel throughout your body and mind. Note these, write them down. Share them with your doctor.

Be a detective, find one spot in your environment that you feel the best/safest at and build yourself a little safe nest. Try to lower your exposures inside the home from mold, emfs, or anything that bothers you. Clean that room/space the best you can. Minimize clutter. Minimize distractions, unless they are mentally pleasurable or medically helpful to you. Spend some time there thinking positively, relaxing, and taking low doses of the things your doctor has told you that you need. Make sure your detox pathways are open. Trust that you are safe in that spot.

Try working on your mast cells and supporting them. Try searching “Hoffman Center natural mast cell treatments” on google. These are generally safe and easy to take, but bear in mind- I am not a medical professional. Always consult your Dr. before taking something new.

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