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Recovery Journal

Over the last two years I kept meticulous notes about what the hell was happening to me in a pile of composition notebooks. I used these to track information about symptoms, foods I ate, reactions, mindset/reflections, and actions I took while working toward getting a diagnosis- and also once I began treatment.

I filled 5 notebooks in the three months before I even got a diagnosis. I filled 4 more as I began treatment and needed to really keep everything sorted out and organized to figure out what was working for me, what wasn't and why.

I kept one notebook on me at all times with a list of:

my diagnoses,

my dr.s' info,

my allergies,

my reactions to foods,

my medications and dosages

my supplements and dosages

my emergency contacts phone numbers

and inspirational or motivational quotes for myself case an emergency occurred and I couldn't communicate for myself, or if I was admitted to the ER (this happened a bit) and couldn't recall everything- because Mold Illness treatment & recovery is quite frankly A LOT.

Long story short, these little composition books were very important to me and have helped my stay focused during this journey. They give me clarity when I go back and read things I wrote before. They help me see the recovery happening over time. They give me a place to write my questions and concerns when I think of them to bring to my dr. later on.

I use these journals less now, but I still use them daily/weekly to record big things like new or rapidly changing symptoms, food reactions, mindset/reflections, new meds./supplements, and notes from sessions with my dr.

I wanted to create something a little more aesthetically pleasing than me just scratching away in a black and white composition notebook after all this time, something with calming colors that was just more peaceful and easy to use.

Here it is:

If you are looking for a place to track your journey- check it out here. You can "peek inside" on and see exactly it looks like and what writing prompts are inside.

I really hope this can be useful for someone out there.

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