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Mold in the News

Honestly, I am amazed that in 2022, mold illness and environmental illnesses aren't talked about more. We have cutting-edge technology that can detect and read DNA of mold, we have AMPLE mold studies and peer-reviewed scientific articles about the effects of mold that the environment on your health. We have many many integrative, naturalistic, functional, and even some (rare) allopathic doctors that publicly speak about the dangers of mold, and know of it's effects on the human body.

Why are our illnesses still being doubted?

Since I have been moving through this journey, I have had this burning obligation (or a profound calling) to spread education about mold and the potential effects of mold on health.

While 25% of the population is genetically susceptible to the effects of mold, I don't understand...


It could be that the higher ups figure that if they don't acknowledge that there IS a problem, then there simply ISN'T.

Then they don't have to amend standard infrastructure building and maintenance practices in this country

Then they don't have to amend the heinous healthcare practices and insurance policies in this country- which are currently a tragic dumpster fire.

It lets them off the hook for hundreds of bullions of dollars in correctly building and maintaining buildings and structure in the US.

It lets them off the hook for hundreds of billions of dollars in providing adequate healthcare for those affected by mold.

I digress...

On the rare occasion, I see something about mold make the news, or get a big article in a commonly read newspaper.

That makes me whoop with joy because mold (and other environmental illnesses) are actually bring talked about on a large scale, and it makes me equally angry that mold can be such a health problem that profoundly affects so many.

We need to have conversations about mold to educate others. It isn't about scaring people about mold, it is about giving people knowledge that they can use to their advantage as they navigate their life on this earth- finding ways to coexist with the natural molds that are here, without them profoundly affecting our health.

I'm going to start a list here of places I see mold being shared about on a large scale media outlet. The list is here for your perusal Or for loved ones or friends who still don't "get it" and maybe need some kind of exposure to the idea that mold can harm.

Here you go, newspaper write ups, or news video feed of Mold Stories:

And this is literally just a start, which gives me hope that within the next 5 years everyone will be more open to talking about this, and more knowledgeable creating healthier indoor environments.

Feel free to message me any other media articles or news videos you've found. I'd love to add them to this page.

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